facts without faith (TBD)

  When the first Scriptures appear some 2700+/-years after creation, Moses tells us they were recorded as a witness to what happened between God and man, this was so future generations would have examples and a point of reference to aid them as they interacted with God in the future. Paul even tells the church at Corinth in the 1st Century that these same examples Moses wrote about, were for their benefit! As we explore the first of several spiritual disciplines, namely our stewardship of the Word of God, we must be careful not to see the Bible as a bunch facts to learn, but rather as living examples, pictures teaching us what to do, and what to expect as we interact with God as well. The Bible was not meant to be a technical manual, but rather a picture book, with images so vivid, their message could not be misunderstood! This week we will explore another aspect of our stewardship of God’s Word,and that is, what happens when facts are not accompanied by faith. Join us this week as we explore “Facts Without Faith”