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The things we must learn Part Three 11/10/2019

In our first week we looked at the question, “why does God make us live in this house, before we can live in His?” Last week we looked at the question, “why does God ask people to do some of the crazy things He does?” Last week we saw that built into all the sometimes seemingly bizarre request by God, is the fundamental principle of learning to trust Him! Whether it was asking His disciples to throw their net on the other side of the boat, after catching nothing all day, or telling Abraham to walk away from all he knew and loved, the principle remained the same… you trust me! We saw this becomes such a profound issue because one day for those of us that shall dwell with the Lord, we will be totally dependent upon Him. One of the important things we must learn here, before we go there, is to trust Him no matter what. This week, we will explore a third question that serves as the foundation to much of what we experience in our own lives, especially those difficult and trying moments. Join us this week as we continue to explore, “The Things We Must Learn.”