The Road to Damascus 3/17/2019

We are all familiar with the story of Saul on the road to Damascus, but did you ever ask yourself how he got on that road to begin with,  and why that was the road Jesus met him on? This week will explore the story of the Damascus Road from another perspective, a perspective from God's providence.

Sometimes You Need a Nudge 3/10/2019

So why did the nation go back to rebuilding the Temple after the work had remained dormant for fifteen years?  He did just what He has been doing since the days of Noah, He sent a preacher! This week we look at what got the people going again, and why it was so easy for them to settle into their new normal. This week we will look at how God gives us a nudge!

One Step Forward Two Steps Back 3/3/2019

After the Lord gave the go ahead for the exiles to return to Jerusalem, to rebuild the Temple, we are told that it took 46 years to complete. More importantly, we are told that after the work had begun it was put on hold for 15 years! This week we explore why, and the significance of the delay.

Building Together 2/24/2019

Over the next couple weeks we will look at a people God gave a second chance to do something of monumental importance, namely return from exile and rebuild the Temple which was destroyed. This week we will look at who they were and what they did first. 

What Time is the Right Time? 2/17/2019

If God's goal is to lead us and light our path, why does it all seem so ambiguous? Why do we struggle to know God's will and make the right decisions, at the right time? This week we explore how to know what time is the right time!

A Spiritual Life 2/10/2019

The bottom line is, you cant live a spiritual life until you become a spiritual person, and being a spiritual person isn't blessing your food and going to church .A spiritual person minds the things of the Spirit and a spiritual life is one led by the Spirit. This week, we explore a Spiritual life!

Innocence Lost 2/3/2019

When we look at the fall, it is obvious we have come to misunderstand what was lost. What was lost was that simple childlike relationship with the Lord. Today we will explore how our misunderstanding of the fall has caused us to see our goal as conquering the fall instead of regaining our innocence.

Healing 1/27/2019

Healing is an important aspect of our human experience. In fact, without it, we would all die by succumbing to the simplest of injuries. But man is more than flesh and blood. Today we explore the healing of the soul.  How to deal with the healing of our thoughts and emotions. 

Growing Cold 1/20/2019


Cold is something we have all had some experience with. We know it when we see it, and we sure know it when we feel it. Jesus said something about the cold, He said that as time passes more and more people will become spiritually cold. This week we will explore the subject of “growing cold.” 

Seeing the Invisible God 1/13/19

Seeing the invisible seems to be an oxymoron.  In Scripture, this mystery pervades every chapter and verse. However, according to the Scriptures, God is not invisible to us at all, and in fact, as Paul declared at Mars Hill, He is not far from any one of us. So how do we see the invisible God?

Beginning Again 1/6/19

The Bible is full of stories about beginning again, starting over, about charting a new course in life. As we consider a new year, we will look at those pivotal times in Scriptures where beginning again made all the difference. 

A Devotional Life or a Life of Devotion? 12/30/18

There is a huge difference between a "devotional life" and a Life of Devotion! A life of devotion ministers to Christ, a devotional life ministers to us. This week we look at the importance of knowing and understanding the difference.  This Sunday we discuss the hallmarks of a life of devotion.

A Story or Your Story? 12/23/18


Sometimes the scenes of Christmas distort the story of Christmas, as ironic as that sounds.Today we look at Christmas in an unconventional way, to prove that there is only one story, of which, Christmas is only a part, and  how that the Christmas story is really no more important than your own!

Making Yourself at Home 12/16/18

This week we take an interesting look at the story of the incarnation. Truth was, Jesus was not comfortable in this world. Today we look at the implications of Jesus making Himself as comfortable as possible when He came to earth and what we should take away from it in our daily lives.

Joshua (Jericho Pt.11) 12/2/18

This week we look at the second part of "The Cursed Thing." This week look at how God illustrates for us a picture of how to deal with the sin in our lives and how we are blessed when we obey!

Joshua (Jericho Pt.10) 11/25/18

How could God's chosen people go from winning the victory at Jericho to being defeated at Ai? This week we look at what this part of the story represents in the life of the believer and how our association with the world can stop God from going with us and blessing our lives.

Joshua (Jericho Pt.9) 11/18/18

This week, we look at what the walls represent. As Israel stood on the other side of Jordan as a chosen, redeemed people, something already existed, the walls! This was a picture of all the baggage present when we get saved. This week we explore removing the walls and finding the path to victory!

Joshua (Jericho Pt.8) 11/11/18

This week we explore why God chose six days to walk around the city, and why not two or three? What could God possibly be teaching the nation of Israel and more importantly us? Today we look at the message God was sending as He commanded the people to march in a orderly, mundane parade for six days!

Joshua (Jericho Pt.7) 11/4/18

The Lord told Joshua He had already given him the city, its army, and its king, so the only real question was, how? Today we will begin to look at the steps Joshua takes at the Lords request, to remove the one thing that stood between Joshua and what the Lord had already given him, the walls!

Joshua (Jericho Pt.6) 10/28/18

This week we continue to look at those last final steps, before Joshua begins to stare down Jericho. This week we see how God finishes the picture He paints for those who will enter the promise land one day, which ends as one commander stares down another, only one is none other than Jesus Himself