The Power of Humility 12/10/17

Most of us go through life trying to prove something or become obsessed about making ourselves out to be something other than what we actual are, and always will be. Listen as we discuss the beauty of a life lived with nothing to prove and nothing to lose.

A Theology of Christmas 12/3/17

One of the interesting things about Christmas is that it didn't have to happen. God could have left us to ourselves, or simply forgiven us when it was all over with a simple nod. Listen as we explore the why, the theology and reason for Christmas.

What Are You Full Of ? 11/26/17

How do you get clean pure water out of a dirty well, how do you make that which is unpleasant and unpalatable good enough to drink? Jesus said only one way, and that is to find a new source of water. Listen as we explore the question, what are you full of?

What Will You Have Me To Do? 11/19/17

The first words out of Paul's mouth are, "Lord, what will thou have me to do" and considering the circumstances he was under, the big question is, why? Listen as we examine why Paul uttered words from the start, most who call themselves believers today never utter at all.

The Disciple 11/5/17

The handful of believers who birthed the early church, did so after only being discipled for a few years. Coming from various backgrounds and faced with all the reasons why they were inadequate and unworthy, moved forward for the love of Christ sake, and changed the world of which we are now apart. 

Victory In Jesus 10/29/17

We are not just promised victory in those things that await us, we are promised victory in the here and now. In every aspect of life, in every challenge we face, Scripture teaches we are more than conquerors!

The Perfect Church 10/22/17

They say a perfect church doesn't exists, but Scripture tends to argue against that notion. Luke tells us the early church was of one heart and soul, a church of imperfect people who were doing church perfectly. Listen as we explore how to do church perfectly with imperfect people.

On Real Faith 10/15/17

To most faith is nothing more than hoping against all hope, when in reality real faith is the invisible force which compels and drives us to achieve the unattainable, and to accomplish the unimaginable, something we will never find until we admit we are without it!

Do You Love Me 7/9/2017

A candid look at the church at Ephesus and how the same thing found in the church then, is permeating the church of today!

A Man Who Threw It All Away

A simple flaw brought down Israel's first king, and sadly the same flaw is in the mind of most who say they know the Lord today. Listen as we exam how Saul would throw away an opportunity to be blessed by the Lord forever! 6/25/17

Adam the Father of Us All

Fathers Day 6/18/17  All look at what we as fathers can glean from creations first father.