Joshua Pt.11 (First Day on the job) 9/9/18

Everyone can relate to a first day on the job! But can you imagine for a moment what that day was like for Joshua? When you think about the job description, who conducted his orientation, and how quickly he is thrown into the fire, it becomes obvious, this was not your typical first day on the job!

Joshua Pt.10 (Passing the Baton) 9/2/18

This week we look at the moment Moses passes the baton to Joshua, and how he chooses to leave the stage in a graceful and noble way, while leaving a lasting legacy for Joshua to reflect on in the future. Here we take one final look at the man who had the single greatest impact on Joshua's life.

Joshua Pt.8 (A Time of Preparation)

This week we look at the lesson Joshua took away from the plague at the Graves of Lust, which was simple, God's will is that we desire Him more than anything else in this life!

Joshua Pt. 7 (A Time of Preparation)

Today we will look at how God would teach Moses and the young Joshua something about God's ability to meet our needs and bring about  whatever He promises. Like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, the Lord teaches us, we need never question the ability of the God who can!

Joshua Pt.6 (A Time of Preparation) 7/29/18

Today, we continue to look at Joshua's presence at the anointing of the seventy elders, and the great plague that was to follow. Asking ourselves, how it may have shaped his thinking, and what it might speak to us today.

Joshua Pt.5 (A Time of Preparation) 7/22/18

Now Joshua, still a young man, witnesses the anointing of the seventy elders, and the plague, at the Graves of Lusts. These two events will no doubtly leave a lasting impact on the young Joshua. Listen as we continue to explore, Joshua's time of preparaion!

Joshua Pt.4 (A Time of Preparation) 7/15/18

This week we will continue to look at the first tent of meeting, the prototype that set the precedent for all corporate worship that would follow. We will also look at what impact this would have had on the young Joshua, and why he chose to remain within the tent, close to the presence of God.

Joshua Pt.3 (A Time of Preparation) 7/8/18

Joshua’s time of preparation took the better part of five decades. The first time we meet him he is on the battlefield before Amalek, the next time he appears, he is on the mountain with Moses, this week he is refusing to leave the tent of meeting. Listen as we continue with the life of Joshua.

Joshua (A Time of Preparation) Pt.2 6/24/18

For everyone God uses,he prepares, and for Joshua, there would be no exception. Before Joshua would lead the nation in the conquest of Canaan, he would spend the better part of five decades being discipled by  Moses. This week we will continue to look at Joshua’s time of preparation.

Joshua Part I (A Time of Preparation)

Joshua's ministry began with over fifty years of preparation under the leadership of Moses. This served to be a time without which he would have never  been prepared for all that lay before him. This week will begin looking at how Joshua was prepared to lead God's people into the promise land.

Off With His Ear 4/22/18

This week we will look at a passage that we are all aware of, but probably haven’t given much consideration to, and that being the story of Peter cutting off the ear of one who came to arrest Jesus. What can we glean from those moments, and what might it teach us about ourselves?

Christ Our Hope 3/18/18

Hope is an interesting concept, one that cannot exist except within a certain set of circumstances. This week we will explore the concept of hope, as seen through the lens of Scripture.

Sin-Seriously 3/11/18

When the discussion about sin turns to an analysis of do’s and don’ts, we have left a proper understanding of sin altogether. To reduce sin to commandments, is to miss the point altogether. Sin has more to do with who God is, than us and our depravity. Listen as we put sin in its proper perspective.

Living For Jesus 3/4/18

Today we live in a world where people want to listen about Jesus, instead of live for Jesus, a world where we come to church to use and take, instead of give and serve.  We live in a world where believers feel they are entitled, instead of indebted. Whatever happened to Living for Jesus?

Missing the Forest for the Trees 2/18/18

There is a saying, we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. The truth is, we are most of the time, missing the Forest for the Trees. Listen as we explore this old idiom, and its implications in our spiritual lives.

Treading Water 2/11/18

Sometimes we are left in situations where Christ is all we have, like the time when Paul was left at night in the deep. Listen as we see how in those moments when Christ is all we have, he is obviously, like as was true for Paul, all we need!

Learning to Soar 2/4/18

Solomon was mesmerized by how an eagle navigated effortlessly in the heavens, something that becomes symbolic when you understand it in its spiritual light. Listen as we explore the importance of learning how to soar in our spiritual lives.

How Jesus Works 1/28/18

When you call AAA you dont expect a new car and if you did you would be continually dissaponted. Listen as we discuss what are the proper expectations we should have, and how Jesus Works in the context of our lives.

Head to Heart 1/21/18

Jesus said where your treasure is, that is where your heart will be, listen as we explore this simple but overwhelmingly important principle and how it is affecting our lives, whether we want to admit it or not!

Where's the Wonder 12/17/17

In the classic children's movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, we were all moved when Charlie Buckets finds the last golden ticket. The expression on his face was priceless, a face filled with wonder.  Listen as we ask the question, where's the Wonder