The Foolishness of God 8/18/2019

The Bible speaks of the foolishness of God, however nothing God has done is foolish. Scripture says it is only  foolish to us, when actually, it is in fact the wisdom of God, just the opposite. This week we explore  why it is so important to see every Word God has spoken as wisdom to us.

The Talk 8/11/2019

Throughout the Scriptures God had “the talk,” many times. When we look at some of the Bibles leading personalities, most all of them had a moment where they and God, had “the talk!” This week we will look at some of the talks God had with His chosen vessels.

The Game of Life 8/4/2019

Some of us are familiar with "The Game of Life."  Many of us have actually played it. Believe it or not there are some real parallels between the game and real life itself. This week we will explore the interesting connection the two share in common! Join us this week for "The Game of Life."

Can I? 7/28/2019

One of the most quoted verses from Scripture is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” but the real question is, can you, do you, are you? This week we will explore the question “can I do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” and more importantly am I?

The Bride 7/21/2019

Christ marriage to His church is a big issue in Scripture. This week we will explore that rich and powerful image of marriage, and the wedding itself, to see things we often overlook, when we consider what the Church is, and what it means to the Lord. Join us this week as we explore “The Bride”

Faith 101 7/14/2019

 Unfortunately, many people today hold a one-dimensional view of faith, when in Scripture, faith takes on a much fuller, and often deeper and more comprehensive idea. This week we will look at what faith is, where it comes from and how we make it grow.   

The Mustard Seed and Me 7/7/2019

  Jesus was a master at using language. One of His unique expressions was the use of the phrase “the grain of a mustard seed.” This week we will look at this unique expression employed by Jesus, and His intended meaning for us, and the undeniable implications. This Week,  “The Mustard Seed and Me!”

Resistance 6/23/2019

Anything that doesn’t offer up resistance will eventually be overwhelmed and overcome! Whether it is an antibiotic putting up resistance to disease, or a house built on pilings to resist the force of a hurricane, resistance is the key to survival. This week we look at the importance of resistance.  

What If? 6/16/2019

 When you think about it, the Bible is a book of what if’s! However, the real question is, do we give equal credence to all the what if’s in the Bible, or just those that touch our fancy.  This week we will look at the Bible from the sobering perspective of, what if?  

Hard Hearted Disease 6/9/2019

 One of the biggest killers is heart disease. But there is another deadly disease related to the heart that is worse, and that is, hardhearted disease. It is a condition that for some becomes irreversible and carries an eternally terminal diagnosis. This week we look at hardhearted disease.

Encouragement 5/19/2019

Please note a portion of the beginning was not recorded. Passages referenced are Hebrews 3:13 and 2 Corinthians 13:11...Our world is broken, each one in it is broken, and what we all need is encouragement. This week we look at encouragement, the fertilizer of the soul.

Overcoming the World 5/12/2019

When someone who experienced the life Jesus did says they have overcome the world, it is something worth thinking about. This week we look at what, how, and when He said it. We will also look at its implications for you and me!

All or Nothing 4/28/2019

Jesus said apart from me you can do nothing, In fact, what He actually said was, you can't even approach doing something without Him, and nothing means nothing! Jesus also said it wasn't believing in Him, which held the key, but rather abiding in Him. This week we explore abiding in Jesus.

Loving Jesus/Missing the Forest for the Tree 4/21/2019

It is easy to miss the point of the cross. It wasn't so we would believe in Jesus, but rather so we would love Jesus.  Christ crucifixion is to move us on a human level, and touch our hearts, not so we would believe with our heads. This week we will look at the cross a bit differently!

Looking to Jesus 4/14/2019

The writer of Hebrews told his readers to look to Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith. This week we explore why he told them that and what he wanted them to see as they looked, but more importantly why it is so important for you and I to look to Jesus today.

The Road to Damascus 3/17/2019

We are all familiar with the story of Saul on the road to Damascus, but did you ever ask yourself how he got on that road to begin with,  and why that was the road Jesus met him on? This week will explore the story of the Damascus Road from another perspective, a perspective from God's providence.

One Step Forward Two Steps Back 3/3/2019

After the Lord gave the go ahead for the exiles to return to Jerusalem, to rebuild the Temple, we are told that it took 46 years to complete. More importantly, we are told that after the work had begun it was put on hold for 15 years! This week we explore why, and the significance of the delay.

What Time is the Right Time? 2/17/2019

If God's goal is to lead us and light our path, why does it all seem so ambiguous? Why do we struggle to know God's will and make the right decisions, at the right time? This week we explore how to know what time is the right time!

Growing Cold 1/20/2019


Cold is something we have all had some experience with. We know it when we see it, and we sure know it when we feel it. Jesus said something about the cold, He said that as time passes more and more people will become spiritually cold. This week we will explore the subject of “growing cold.” 

A Devotional Life or a Life of Devotion? 12/30/18

There is a huge difference between a "devotional life" and a Life of Devotion! A life of devotion ministers to Christ, a devotional life ministers to us. This week we look at the importance of knowing and understanding the difference.  This Sunday we discuss the hallmarks of a life of devotion.